Is it bad when...

you get the title of your course wrong and you're only a week in??? Okay...so I'm taking:

Information Sources and Services


Oh man, I think I'm in trouble (la la)....


Oh Biblio, Oh Biblio...

This semester I'm taking 620 aka Information Reference and Resources. So, not so bad for the first night back...got the syllabus, the book, the calendar and...the workbook!! Ooh....that looked a bit scary at first glance. I think it will be helpful as it contains various exercises using the reference area resources.

The scariest thing in this course is the bibliography assignment. This is going to be a huge undertaking and involve the entire semester. I need to pick my topic NOW!

Here are some of my thoughts:
- knitting
- ghosts
- Edward Gorey/life work (can't do report on people, esp. living as there is not enough info)
- English Setters
- Father's geneaology

These are in no particular order! I'm just trying to figure out what would be the most feasible for a semester. I lack focus so picking and sticking to one topic is going to be a challenge. I need to have this hammered out by next Wed., too.

The other nuisance is that I can't do my work from home. I HAVE to go to the library. I'm going to try and use the local college library so I don't have to do the 40 min drive over to my school's library. We'll see how this goes...My hope is that, being academic libraries, they both have the same reference books (right!??!? sounds logical, doesn't it???)

Wish me luck... ; )


Second Semester, Not The Same As the First!

Next Wed. is the big day! This time last semester, I had my syllabus and my book. Okay, okay...I know every prof. is different, but really - no syllabus, yet!??!

I've heard this course is a hard one but that I will learn so much. It's a little intimidating but I'm ready. I'm glad I'm just taking this one course, too.

More to come...