School is in Session...well, almost...

The summer went so fast and I had all these great plans to post and read about LIS stuff.  So what did I do instead you may ask??  I took my kids to the pool, read great books and stayed away from my computer for as much as possible! LOL...it was a good summer but as August is here, so is the time to start thinking about what to write about for this upcoming semester.

Some things I find interesting...
  1. LIS students!  I will be an officer for our student association and I'm eager to find out what students want from their selected officials.
  2. School media - of which I know very little but will be doing some field experience this fall.
  3. Social media  + Technology Tools...now that I've switched from an academic lib focus to school media, I'm more interested in finding ways K-12 can use these tools
  4. AASL + Those in the "know" - I have a lot to learn...so getting plugged in w/ groups and people who have been in the field will be key
  5. Volunteerism - I'd like to do some more of this in various libraries but probably not until next semester...volunteering = learning a TON about not only an organization, but the profession overall
Of course, there's other stuff, like becoming a better runner, biker, swimmer (oh, yeah - the "tri" is on the mind!), however, I think that's a good glimpse into the professional arena for now.