Where am !? What am I doing?

So far this semester has gotten off w/ a BANG! Literally, I think I heard the gun shot about the 23rd and feel like I've been running ever since. I need to slow the ponies if I'm going to make it until December.

Classes are good...1) Collection Management and 2) Information Users & Uses. I like them both, but not as thrilled with some aspects of CM. I would really appreciate a better organized syllabus esp. when it comes to what's-due-when. I don't know...I like things a bit tidier. I can see where this isn't going to be my favorite class, although I do find the readings to be enjoyable and interesting.

And here's the head kicker...already my prof for IUU is making my headache! Oh stop with the crazy references to scholars on the definition of information!!! I can't take it! LOL...just kidding...I love it, actually, as it makes my brain feel like it's getting a good workout. My summer was spent pumping iron in the gym. Now my brain needs to do it, too!

I LOVE (LOVE) my internship with the ERIT group. Really happy to be there and am loving my project work. I wish I could turn it into a class, that's how good it is (and time consuming with the journaling).

Okay..off to do my readings! 2 weeks down and 13 to go...