Excuse me, are you using that AACR2 at the moment?

I'm learning something I never thought I would ever have to learn in my entire life. When you were a kid and you visited the library, did you ever wonder who typed up the cards that went in the card catalog? If you are asking, 'what's a card catalog'...here's a picture...and yes, I am that old!!!

Well, as a kid, we spent loads of time at the library and I can remember thinking about that very cool card catalog and how fun it would be to put the cards in there...hahahaha...I have no idea why...probably stemmed from my love of typewriters, rubber stamps and stamp pads, and almost any type of office supply.

So guess what I'm learning in my cataloging class...yep! All about how to create all those entries that go on the actual card! Oh joy...and what's even worse is that it's not just a few little rules to learn...there.is.an.entire.binder.of.rules! And not just a 1" binder..oh no...it's like a 3" binder!!

I keep asking myself - 'why do I need to know this?' 'what possible effect could it have on my future career as a librarian?'....you know what? I still don't have any answers for these questions (and a lot more, like 'what the heck is main entry other than my front door?')

So off I go, into the deep dark night, trying to figure out how to label title pages of books. I'll try and find the highlights for us non-catalogers before the semester ends...I promise!

Cheers -