Literacy...how many kinds are there??

Despite my best efforts to avoid summer classes, I've ended up having to take 2 this year.  Both are required, however, one is an undergrad course to help me meet the state teaching licensing requirements and the other is part of my graduate studies that was instituted a year after I started the LIS program.  It was called "the teaching of reading" but has since been changed to "Libraries and Literacy".  

Our first class assignment was to define literacy prior to readings, definition lookups, etc. I wrote my definition and then went online to learn more about literacy (there's always a catch to an assignment like this!)  It's amazing how many different types of literacy there are these days.  More importantly - it's AMAZING how many types of literacy school librarians need to be aware of and account for in their instruction to students.

Apparently, a whole lot of folks have been thinking about literacy and discussing what it means to be literate in the 21st C.  Fortunately, I keep stumbling across their paths since the start of class two weeks ago.

Here are some really great thoughts on literacy...the NPR interview came to me on a drive to Costco and the Daniel Russel talk was sent to a listserv forum I subscribe to and that came to me email inbox (yea!). I'm collecting as I go...so look for more posts on the topic soon...happy reading/listening/watching/etc.:

Diane Rehm's interview about 'touch screen devices and very small children'
Daniel Russell on "What Does it Mean to be Literate in the Age of Google?"