On w/ the body count...

or at least the credit count!  (I'm on an 'old school' lyric kick...I promise it will soon pass...please be patient!)

I had to scramble a bit to put the pieces in place for next semester (Fall 2011).  The course listings just went live today and I knew if I didn't act fast, I'd be sucking wind in classes that I had either (a) no interested in or (b) no attentions span for (or (c) both which would be the kiss of death!).

I got lucky, however, and my plan to skip a core course worked out well.  So next semester I'll be taking Digital Libraries (a welcome precursor to Metadata in the spring of '12) and Social Marketing for Info Institutions.  By lucky coincidence, both classes are online so no driving to Greensboro next semester - a first in the 1 1/2 years I've been enrolled.  I'm really excited my gas consumption might be less than $200 a month!!! Whoo hooo!

Overall, I'm happy w/ the way things are going w/ my coursework and the past year.  It was a struggle to get through cataloging, but I'm glad it's behind me and I can focus on taking some courses that I "want" to rather than those that I "have" to take.

Looking forward to the next chapter of library school but for now, I'm going to take a bit of a break and enjoy reading, researching and writing about some other topics.  Stay tuned....

This is the last day of our acquaintance...

Unlike Sinead's song, I had a very good year in ERIT and I'm sad that today is my last day.  However, it doesn't really feel like a last day...somehow, I think Beth and I will manage to collaborate and work together on other projects.  We just had a great working rapport and that's not easy to find.  She's been a great boss, colleague, mentor...

And just so I remind myself of all the awesome projects I was able to do because of her, here is the lineup from start to finish...thanks Beth:

Instructional Technology Toolkit
Current Awareness Libguide
Distance Education Services (web redesign)

and a few tutorials that are not online yet. ; )

Okay...off to cataloging....some lasts are good.